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The strength of the Canadian Consulting Community lies within our united, mobilized and dynamic team. 

Our Certified Ambassadors adopt result-oriented approaches, helping you access high-paying jobs in Canada. Together, we value inclusion, initiative, collaboration and service.

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We believe that immigration matters should only be handled by experienced lawyers, authorized by the Government, offering quality guarantees, predictable pricing and physically based in Canada.

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Jean Loup P. G. Le Roux


Gilles De Saint Exupéry

Lawyer, Advisor


Head Coach


Executive Assistant


Head Of Customer Support


Program Ambassador


Program Ambassador


Program Ambassador


Program Ambassador


Program Ambassador


Program Ambassador


Program Ambassador


Program Ambassador
WhatsApp: +1 (514) 307-1701


Program Ambassador


Program Ambassador

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MTL Office: 1177 Bishop Street (QC) | Business Registration #6633665 | +1 (514) 641 3242

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