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First Talent Agency Award - Jean Loup Le Roux
First Career Coach Award Jean Loup Le Roux

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37% of customers say that having access to the right information is the key to success. Read what Program members have to say about working with us and getting results. 

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Technical Consultant

Hitesh (Russia)

The support you get is awesome. This is priceless, I feel very positive.

Android Developer at Traction on Demand

Li (China)

I’m signing contracts above $100,000. It’s totally changed my life.

Business Analyst, Banking

Tania (India)

I needed to take things in a more structured and professional manner. JL’s Program is realistic to the core, I would highly suggest it for everyone seeking a new career in Canada.

Software Engineer at Talent.IO

Leighton (Jamaica)

We found a company that is now sponsoring me to immigrate legally to Canada.

Senior Consultant at KPMG Canada

Vishal (India)

JL professionally coached me during difficult times in my career.

Data Engineer at BNP Paribas

Isaac (China)

I am now on the right career path with JL’s help.

Account Manager, BGDM

Ian (Kenya)

I actually work remotely for a Canadian company. JL and his team are the best at what they do.

Senior Analyst At Bennett Jones SLP

Solomon (Nigeria)

There's now a new market where you can sell your skills. I strongly suggest that you take the Program.

CEO at Lex Start


If you’d like to become a successful technology consultant in Canada I highly recommend JL.

Canadian Access Program Review

Paul Peeters

I am so thankful that I tried the Canadian Access Program before I tried anything else.

Head of Strategy at ThinkDeep AI

Marc (france)

Get closer to Jean Loup so he can share his methods, recipes and know-how, to help you reach success.

IT Assistant Auditor

Nametso (Botswana)

It is a life-changing opportunity, never to be missed. Just contact me if you are afraid of taking that big step.

Top Business Executives

LinkedIn Endorsements

You can only admire JL’s passion and capacity to transfer knowledge around him!

SEO Director at Pearl Lemon

Deepak (UK)

If you’re considering working with JL, do. It’s absolutely worth it, he really knows his stuff, and he’s way too modest.

CEO at Volyse


JL always goes the extra mile, is super easy to communicate with.

Account Manager, BGDM

Parth (India)

Very helpful to migrate over to Canada, it’s reliable.

Security Architect, Financial Sector


JL is a truly a leader and I’d even say a thought leader.

CEO at Digital Sekurity

Dortival (Benin)

If you are interested to go to Canada, this is your chance. You can also work remotely this is a big opportunity.

Management Consultant

Amith (India)

There's lot of one-to-one interactions and we have been guided very well.

Career Strategy

It's Time To Get Clarity

Get a clear, step-by-step system that gets you from point A (your current situation) to point B: living and working in Canada, or for Canadian clients. 
Everything we share with you has been tried and tested because we have been through this exact same journey – and know what works and what doesn’t.

How do we measure effectiveness?

The performance of the Canadian Access Program is evaluated on 5 main criteria:

A Life-Changing Experience

Open The doors of opportunity

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